Introducing Paywise – your new salary packaging provider.

Fleet Network has merged with Paywise.

Paywise is a pioneer of the salary packaging industry, having been established in 1989, and is trusted partner for hundreds of organisations in a range of sectors.

Paywise combines industry-leading technology, a devoted team with unparalleled experience and an ethos built on integrity, to deliver state-of-the-art salary packaging solutions that help employees get more from their pay.

All Fleet Network salary packaging clients are being transitioned to Paywise. This enables you and your staff to take advantage of bespoke salary packaging systems, including Employer Portal, Member Portal and Mobile App. You’ll also benefit from enhanced compliance and service delivery to payroll teams. Your Fleet Network Account Manager will remain your point of contact as they will also be transferring to Paywise.

Employer transition process!

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Employer FAQs

Your PDA is the Payroll Deduction Advice issued via the Paywise Employer Portal. The PDA will be issued based on your payroll frequency and will detail the deductions per employee.

The PDA is issued in line with your payroll frequency and can be scheduled to send at a time convenient to your payroll team. Timing can be amended to take into consideration public holidays or any other schedule requested by the employer.

As soon as the PDA is available within the Employer Portal, payroll staff with a login to the portal will be notified by email.

Yes, deductions can be amended via the employer portal. You can leave notes to explain the change. If you require bulk changes, speak to one of our team members and we will assist with making these changes for you.

You can nominate as many as you like. Each will have their own login credentials, removing the need for shared logins.

Please send an email to and we will remove the user for you.

Your GST report is available for downloading via the Employer Portal on the second business day of each month, we will send you a email when the report is available.

The GST Report is separated into two sections:

  1. 1. A summary version with value to pay to Paywise for GST contributions
  2. 2. A detailed version provides values relating to all participating employees for the following items:
    • – Total Purchases including GST
    • – GST on Purchases
    • – After-Tax Contribution
    • – GST on Sales.

Adjustments can be made via the Employer Portal to individual members, you can use the notes section to advise our team why you have made the change or to provide instructions to our team in relation to the chanages such as an employee who needs to be terminated. If you require bulk changes, speak to one of our team members and we will assist with making these changes for you.