The University of Notre Dame Australia

Welcome Staff of Notre Dame

The University’s partnership with Paywise enables you to gain access to Staff benefits that maximizes flexibility for you by assisting to meet your financial needs whilst at the same time ensuring you are at ease and relaxed knowing that you are saving. Paywise has tailored these arrangements specifically for you and the University to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Salary packaging allows you to pay for items you would normally pay for in after-tax dollars, with before tax-dollars. This arrangement can reduce the amount of tax you pay and increase your take home salary. The tax outcome of each staff member will vary depending on the individual circumstances.

Notre Dame strongly recommends that staff who elect to enter into a Salary packaging arrangement seeks advice from a registered Financial Adviser prior to entering into a salary packaging arrangement.

Staff have access to these incredible Benefits:

  • Relocation benefits
  • Disability/Income Protection
  • Professional Membership Fees/Subscriptions
  • Remote Area Benefits
    • Remote Area Housing Loan Interest
    • Remote Area Rent
    • Remote Area Utilities
  • Trade/Professional Journal Subscriptions
  • Novated Leases – Click here for fact sheet.
  • E-bike – Click here to contact read more information and get a quote from our E-bike partner E-stralian.
  • Portable Devices
    Look at the fact sheet on the right which breaks down the Phone, Laptop & iPad devices you can package. Click Here to read the fact sheet.
  • Airport Lounge Membership
    You can purchase your discounted Airport Lounge membership through Paywise. Please contact Paywise Member Services who will assist you to purchase the discounted Airport Lounge Membership. Paywise will also assist you with Salary Packaging the cost of the membership. Click here to read the fact sheet.
  • Additional Superannuation Contributions
    Please speak to your Payroll Department at the University as they will be able to assist you with Salary Packaging additional Superannuation Contributions.

All applications for Salary Packaging will need to submit the following:

  • Application Form – The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Documents related to the benefit you are applying for (Speak to Paywise or see benefit documents on the right)
  • The University of Notre Dame Australia signed Salary Packaging Agreement
  • Paywise will advise if there are other documents related to your benefit that need to be filled out.

To speak to your regional Manager contact them on the right of this page.

Items you can salary package.

Novated Lease Vehicles

Conventionally most people buy their cars outright or get a car on finance. With Novated Lease Vehicles you can now pay for your car and save a huge amount of money while including all your running costs, this convenience is literally at your fingertips.

Portable Electronic Devices

Packaging your portable devices you are able to save on the GST alone with reduced income tax. It’s simple to save with Paywise!

Airport Lounge

Self Education



    If you are interested in receiving a call about how you can save salary packaging enquire here. Feel free to be as detailed as possible and a Paywise representative will get in touch with you.