Myths about Novated Leases.

There are so many misconceptions about leasing that we are helping you to understand the common myths!

Myth 1

I don’t drive enough kms.


There is no minimum target to reach and there are tax and GST savings received regardless of the number of kms driven.

Myth 2

Only new cars can be salary packaged


A new, demonstrator, used or your current car can be salary packaged. We have access to fleet discounts on new cars and the car can be salary packaged until it is 12 years old.

Myth 3

My salary isn’t high enough.


If you are currently paying tax, there are savings to be made!

Myth 4

Employers have to do too much admin


Paywise will advise your employer of the deductions to be made from your salary.

Myth 5

I don’t own the vehicle


You are the registered owner and can utilize the car as you wish during the lease period.

Myth 6

The car is handed back at the end of the term


There are three options at the end of the novated lease:

  1. Refinance the residual and continue to salary package the same car
  2. Sell/trade in the car and salary package another car (you keep any profit on the sale)
  3. Pay the residual to own the car outright

Myth 7

The car has to be used for business use.


The car can be used 100% for private use and there is no business use requirement.

Myth 8

The car can only be taken to ‘Paywise service providers’


A card will be provided which will give you access to the money in the Paywise account. This card can be used at many places across Australia to pay for maintenance, servicing, tyres and fuel. If the card is not accepted at your chosen provider, you can make the payment and send Paywise a copy of the bill with proof of payment and the money will be reimbursed into your nominated account.

Myth 9

Only I can drive the car


Any driver which you nominate can drive the car. Novated leases can also be arranged for family members.

Myth 10

The novated lease has to be paid out if changing employers


The novated lease can be transferred to the new employer’s contracted salary packaging provider. Most employers in Australia have a salary packaging provider however if not, the car payments can be maintained through direct debit similar to a standard loan.

Myth 11

It’s too good to be true.


Novated leases are approved by the Australian Tax Office and are offered by many employers across the country as a staff benefit.

Myth 12

Accessories cannot be added to the car


Accessories can be included in the novated lease when Paywise is arranging payment to the seller and this way you will also save the GST on these items.

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January 20th, 2020