Paywise Card App.

The Paywise Card App has been created to give Paywise Members a simple and easy to use view of their Living Expense & Meal Entertainment Benefits. This App is only for Paywise Members who are Paywise Card holders and have one or both of these benefits. You can download the app for Apple & Android devices from your app store.

The Paywise Card now has many additional features such as.

  • Live Balances
  • Live Transactions and History
  • Live Offers & Local Discounts
  • Discounted Gift Cards

If you would like to read our frequently asked questions click here.

The beauty of the card app is the new offers that are available now. You will automatically receive the offers if you spend at a participating merchant even if you have not downloaded the app itself. The app makes it easier to determine where you would like to spend as it shows you all the participating merchants under Local Offers on the App. There are even more participating merchants who have gift vouchers at discount pricing. This means you can buy a discounted gift card, send it as a gift or purchase gift cards for you to use on your own shopping and save.

We are excited to now offer you these additional benefits and we are sure they are going to save you even more!

February 16th, 2018