Reimbursements through your Member Portal, Simple & Easy.

Simplifying the way you do things is another way we are trying to make your life easy. So ditch the manual claim forms and claims and start doing all of your reimbursements through your member portal.

Why is this easier and better?

  • Its more environmentally friendly – less printed paper
  • Quicker and Easier – not more time wasting filling out forms
  • Simply take a clear photo / scan and upload
  • Faster reimbursements

Here are some simple instructions:

1. Login to you Member Portal (login here)

2. Click on the “Hand Icon”

3. The next screen will be the following – follow my instructions in red:

This will then submit your claim which is much easier for you than emailing reimbursement documents.

If you would like to change your reimbursement details, please do this before you submit the above. Here are some simple instructions.

Change Reimbursement details:

1. On your main home screen (the first one you go to when you login) Click on the “Manage Reimbursements Account” button on the right:

2. Fill out your details on this page (you can add new details / edit details if you have some existing details or remove old accounts).

3. Once you have saved your details you will be able to then select this account when you submit an online reimbursement through your member portal.

If you have any problems accessing your Paywise Member Portal please contact Member Services via live chat on our website or via phone on 1300 132 532

July 2nd, 2018