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We have good news for WA Health employees, in addition to your living expenses and meal entertainment your car costs are covered! With a Paywise Novated Lease you can access more savings by packaging your cars running costs and lease payments.

You can access all the discounts on fuel, insurance, servicing and registration savings by salary packaging your existing vehicle (5 years or younger).

We appreciate your time is more precious than ever, so setup requires minimal paperwork and phone calls.

Are you wasting your Paywise Living Expense card cap on car costs?

With a novated lease through Paywise you can access the more savings on fuel, servicing, running costs, rego, insurance and even car finance payments.

Why not access all the additional savings with your current car? It’s simple to set up and you’ll salary package your automotive expenses and have more room in your living expense benefit for more savings.

So, don’t use your Paywise card. Even $50 spent on fuel per fortnight will eat up $1,300 of your annual benefit. You have better things to spend that kind of money on.

Be wise, get behind a novated lease and drive more savings as a WA Health employee.

*The figure is based on salary packaging a vehicle with a value of $25,000 via a Novated Lease over 5 years travelling 15,000km per year with a taxable salary of $70,000 per annum. Contact Paywise on 1300 132 532 to provide us with your salary so we can do a calculation related to your situation. The calculation is only designed to give an estimate of the savings you may achieve and is not intended as a replacement for professional financial advice.

Contact us for more information about your novated lease.

    Monthly Novated Lease Specials.


    YB MY21 S Hatchback
    5dr Auto 6sp 1 .4i


    MY21 VTi Hatchback
    5dr CVT 1 sp l .8i


    TL4 MY21 Active Wagon
    5dr Auto 6sp 2WD 2.0i


    GDJ150R GXL Wagon
    7s15dr Man 6sp 4×4 2.8DT

    Packaged price inclusions.







    Easy, convenient & incredible savings.

    *Based on Packaging this vehicle via a Novated Lease over 5 years travelling 15,000km per year with a taxable salary of $80,000 per annum.