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Unlock Savings with our Self-Managed Novated Lease Option!

Are you looking to save big with a novated lease but prefer not to be bound by your employer’s choice of salary packaging provider? Say goodbye to limitations! Paywise is pleased to offer Health employees our self-managed novated lease that empowers you to take control.

Tailored Solutions, Competitive Finance.

Experience personalised service with a dedicated Paywise consultant crafting a package just for you. You’ll enjoy:

  • Our 4-hour response guarantee.
  • The choice of competitive finance arrangements.
  • The ability to source your preferred vehicle if you choose.
  • Our trade-in service on your current, or your new vehicle when the lease ends.
  • The convenience of a Paywise Novated Lease.
  • The ability to source insurance through your chosen provider.

Seamless Integration with Your Employer’s Provider.

We seamlessly collaborate with your employer’s chosen salary packaging provider to manage ongoing operating costs and salary deductions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Transparency and Integrity.

Our group operates under a stringent framework of integrity, upholding the principles of transparency with our customers, responsible business practices, and dedicated customer care. Prior to committing to our products, all customers receive a comprehensive proposal detailing the finance costs and commitment involved.

Your Journey to Savings.

Embark on a journey towards substantial savings with our self-managed novated lease. Here’s how:

  1. Vehicle Selection: Choose your dream car with expert guidance from our team. We can source the vehicle for you too!
  2. Finance Application: We’ll help you to choose the option that’s right for you from our range of finance partners and guide you through the application process seamlessly.
  3. Lease Administration: We’ll work with your employer’s selected salary packager, who will administer the ongoing operating costs and salary deductions of your lease, while you focus on enjoying your ride.

Empowering Your Choices.

  • Job Changes: Enjoy continuity and convenience by transferring your lease to a new employer if circumstances change.
  • Additional Expenses: Include maintenance, insurance, fuel, and more in your lease for added convenience.
  • Tax Benefits: Maximise pre-tax deductions and potentially reduce taxable income by structuring your lease effectively.

Benefits at a Glance.

Vehicle Freedom

Choose from a vehicle that suits your needs and preferences.

Financial Visibility

Gain control over costs and budget effectively with full visibility into expenses.

Tax Savings

Seize the opportunity for potential tax savings by structuring your lease wisely.


Adapt seamlessly to life changes with the option to transfer your lease.

Discount Access

Access fleet discounts and special pricing through our industry connections.

Dedicated Support

Enjoy personalised assistance from a dedicated account manager throughout your lease journey.

Vehicle Trade-in service

We offer a convenient and economical trade-in service when it’s time to upgrade your vehicle.

Make the Wise Choice, With Paywise.

Opt for a self-managed novated lease and make a wise financial decision, offering you savings and convenience while you enjoy your new ride.

Frequently Asked Questions.

With a self-managed novated lease with Paywise, you have the choice of finance providers, meaning you’re not locked in to your employer’s chosen supplier. And rather than you liaising directly with your employer’s provider, to set up the lease, you’ll have a dedicated Paywise consultant taking care of your best interests.

Absolutely. By structuring your lease correctly, you can maximise your pre-tax deductions and potentially reduce your taxable income.

If your circumstances change, such as changing jobs or relocating, you have the option to transfer the lease to a new employer, providing continuity and convenience. 

Absolutely! Our vehicle trade-in service offers convenience and value, streamlining your upgrade process. 

We guarantee a response within 4 hours during business hours, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently. 

Our 24/7 online portal provides access to essential resources and support, ensuring assistance is available whenever you need it 

Yes, you can! We offer the flexibility to include various expenses in your novated lease, providing added convenience and peace of mind. 

Our team will guide you through structuring your lease effectively to maximize pre-tax deductions and potentially reduce taxable income, ensuring you make the most of available tax savings opportunities. 

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Available to approved applicants employed by eligible employers only. This material is general information only and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs.
Before making a decision you should consult your independent legal, taxation and financial advisor for advice relating to your personal circumstances. Conditions, fees and charges may apply.
Novated Lease payments on vehicles not eligible for Fringe Benefits Tax exemption are split between pre-tax and post-tax income.