Enjoy 24/7 access to your transactional data, submit your claims with ease and monitor your Paywise Card or payments at a glance.

All you need to do is download the free app from the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android users. Log in with your Paywise member portal username (email address) and password.

Then, simply enjoy easier access to your salary packaging account, on the go.


Manage your FBT cap anywhere anytime.

Submit your claims on the go and track your payments.

Access your novated lease benefit and track your savings.

App FAQ’s

To add your bank account you will need to login to the Members Portal and add the account there. We will be adding this function to the app in the coming months.

The caps show what is available to you as part of your employers’ arrangements with Paywise even if you are not utilising them. For more information, please contact the Customer experience team to find out more about what entitlements are available to you.

Only the Paywise Mastercard for Living Expenses and Meal Entertainment are supported. You cannot use your Wex Motorpass card with Apple or Google Pay.