Accommodation and venue hire.

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We all need to take holidays, but did you know you may be eligible to salary package accommodation costs?

Save on holiday accommodation or special event venue hire by using your pre-tax income!

A full range of accommodation types are eligible, from B&Bs to cruise ships, and from caravan park cabins to 5-star hotels!

Eligible employees can salary package accommodation and venue hire costs up to $2,650 per year. Note that this limit applies to your combined Meal Entertainment and Accommodation and Venue Hire expenses, but is additional to your Living Expenses benefit limit.

This benefit is typically available in the Charities sector.

To find out if you are eligible and to apply, speak to your Paywise Salary Packaging Account Manager or contact us.

Holiday accommodation that includes:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Apartments
  • A cabin on a cruise ship
  • A room at a bed and breakfast
  • A cabin or on-site van at a caravan park.
  • The accommodation component of a tour (the tour must be at least of an overnight duration where the cost of the accommodation is itemised separately)
  • All-inclusive holiday packages (package deals, including accommodation)

Other claimable items include:

  • A corporate box or other similar arrangement where you have exclusive use and naming rights
  • Hire of a reception centre, function room or marquee
  • Boats or planes where the boat or plane has been hired in its entirety (exclusive use)(e.g. houseboat)

The following examples within Australia or overseas are not allowed:

  • The itemised travel component of an expense, including (but not limited to) airfares, car hire, train, taxi, ferry or bus to the holiday destination or hired venue.
  • Purchase of holiday homes of time share accommodation
  • Mobile motor homes
  • Site fees at a caravan park
  • Non accommodation expenses (eg food and drinks, mini bar, movies, day spa, phone calls, dry cleaning)
  • Any expenses attributing to advertising
  • Golf club or similar memberships
  • Costs associated with a venue (fixed or mobile) owned by you, an immediate family member or an associate where a mutual financial arrangement exists
  • Costs shared with another person (the expenses incurred must be for the entire unit of accommodation)

You can claim for yourself, spouse or partner and any dependents (if they live in your household). You must have been in attendance, and purpose of the unit of accommodation was for a holiday (not a business trip).

You can submit claims for accommodation and venue hire provided that the invoices are not more than 12 months old at the date of claim. Claims outside of this timeframe may be approved at your Employer’s discretion only. You must have been working for your employer at the time you incurred the expense.

If you pay for accommodation yourself, the cost can be reimbursed to your nominated bank account. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1 – before you incur the expense.

You can choose to have deductions taken from your pre-tax salary each pay before you incur the expense (i.e pay for the accommodation). All you will need to do then is to send an Accommodation and Venue Hire claim form to Paywise, along with the supporting tax invoices for the expenditure. Paywise will then process your claim ad reimburse the expenditure to your nominated bank account. Paywise will only be able to reimburse amounts currently held in your Accommodation and Venue Hire benefit.

Option 2 – after you incur the expense.

Send your completed claim form to Paywise along with the supporting tax invoices for the expenditure, and advise Paywise the amount you would like to package per pay (for example, if your claim is for $2000, you may choose to package $200 per pay for 10 pays, or $400 for 5 pays). Paywise will reimburse the amount we receive each pay period until the full claim has been reimbursed.

No, your Meal entertainment card is only to be used under the rules of Meal Entertainment.

No. Whilst the Living Expense card may be accepted for payment for Accommodation and Venue Hire, the payment will form part of your capped limit for living expenses. To ensure that you access the best possible tax savings, do not use your Living expense card for this type of payment.

If payment is made directly to the supplier and your accommodation is subsequently cancelled causing funds to be returned to you directly, you must advise Paywise immediately and arrange to return those funds to Paywise to be credited back you your salary packaging account. If you do not adhere to this requirement you may be in breach of ATO legislation and incur a Fringe Benefits Tax Liability.

If the accommodation or venue hire was within Australia, you will need to provide Paywise with the supporting valid tax invoice(s), which must be in your name or in the name of your spouse/partner or dependent (in your household). You, as the employee must have been in attendance if the invoice is not in your name. If the accommodation or venue hire was outside of Australia, you will need to provide Paywise with the valid invoice(s), which must be in your name or in the name of your spouse/partner or dependent (in your household). Clearly indicate the accommodation /venue hire only (foreign languages must be translated to English to ensure allowable charges are reimbursed) and a credit card statement showing the amount charged in Australian dollars. You, as the employee must have been in attendance. If you pay for an eligible expense in cash, you must provide a compliant invoice (formal receipt) for the expense in addition to a calculation of the total in Australian dollars.

Please request a comprehensive tax invoice. All inclusive package invoices are acceptable however itemised charges that are not Accommodation and Venue Hire compliant cannot be claimed. Tax invoices received through bookings made via websites or by email (such as Expedia, Wotif, etc), are acceptable.

Claims may not be accepted if Paywise cannot substantiate items
on the invoices.

How can I submit a claim?

Submitting a claim is easy with the Paywise App (Android or Apple) or Member Portal. To find out about how to submit a claim, visit our Submitting a Claim page.

Please note that in order to submit a claim you will need to have applied for this benefit. To find out if you are eligible and to apply, speak to your Paywise Salary Packaging Account Manager or contact us.

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