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The Paywise Card is a tap-and-pay digital smart card which provides instant access to funds available for your Living Expenses and / or Meal Entertainment benefits.

The card allows you to have one card for both Meal Entertainment and Living Expenses benefits – transactions are automatically attributed to appropriate benefit.

If you are a current Paywise member with Meal Entertainment or Living Expenses benefits, you can easily order your card through our member portal. Alternatively, contact our Customer Experience Team for assistance.

Paywise Card

Paywise Card features:

  • Payments made via your Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet.
  • The Paywise App enables your card to be added to your digital wallet, and to access balances and transaction history in real time.
  • Securely access full card details for online transactions.
  • One card supports both Living Expense and Meal Entertainment benefits, reducing the need for multiple cards.

Card fee applies.

** Every employer is different and may not offer this benefit. Please contact your Regional Manager to confirm Salary Packaging options related to your company.
Click Here to find your local Regional Manager.

Not sure if a Paywise Card is for you?

For your Living Expenses benefit payments, you may be able to elect to have it paid into your bank account or onto a Paywise Card. Both are a great way to help you save on tax, and which option is best for you may depend on your individual circumstances. More information here.

Access your digital card via the Paywise App, free from your App Store.



If you have an active Living Expenses and/or Meal Entertainment benefit, you can order your digital card via the Paywise App or by contacting Paywise.

Your Paywise Card can be added to your Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet via the Paywise App. Choose the ‘Cards’ option from the footer navigation, then select your Paywise Card and choose ‘Add to Apple Pay’ or ‘Add to Google Pay’.

Once you have added your Paywise Card to your digital wallet you will no longer need to access the App to use your card.

The Paywise Living Expenses Card and Paywise Meal Entertainment Card can be added to your Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet.

The Paywise Fuel Card is not supported by Apple or Google Pay.

Log into the Paywise App or Member Portal and you can check your balance and transactions 24/7.

When you activate your Paywise Card the benefit balance will change to $0.00 as the funds are being moved from the benefit to the card. Once this process has completed you will then see the balance appear on the card. This can take up 24 hours, or longer if your card fee is yet to be paid.

Yes. You can use your Paywise Card to make online payments by using your card number, expiry and CVC number.

To access your card, select ‘Cards’ from the footer menu in the app, then choose ‘View’. This will reveal your card number and expiry date.

To view the CVC, press the grey arrows at the top of the card.

Yes, if the merchant accepts Mastercard as a form of payment for your bill.

In compliance with Australian Tax Office requirements, transactions made via BPAY are not permitted. However, you can use the “pay by credit card” instructions provided on the bill using your Paywise card.

No, regular automatic payments are not available on your Paywise Card.

No, Cash withdrawals are not available on a Paywise card. Please also note that balance enquiries at ATM are not supported.

As this is also classified as a cash withdrawal from your funding source, these transactions are not permitted.

Overseas transactions are subject to your employer’s approval. If a restriction has been imposed, your card will decline when used overseas.

Where overseas transactions are allowed, you may use your card at any location where Mastercard is accepted. Please note that a transaction surcharge will apply to all overseas transactions.

The 3 main reasons your Paywise card will decline are:

  1. 1. Incorrect account type selection: Please ensure you select “Credit” (not “Savings” or “Cheque”) the transaction will decline
  2. 2. Ineligible merchant: If the vendor is not an accepted meal entertainment or living expenses merchant under ATO guidelines (for example a Casino) the transaction will decline
  3. 3. Insufficient funds: Make sure you check your balance prior to your purchase.

No. Paywise is proud to offer a digital tap-and-pay smart card which provides instant access to funds available for your Meal Entertainment and / or Living Expenses benefits. If you would prefer a plastic card, this can be arranged for you, however your please note that your digital card will be closed while you await your new plastic card. Please allow 15 business days for this to arrive (timing subject to Australia Post delivery timeframes).

On average the card arrives in eight business days, however this can take up to 15 business days or in very rare cases even longer. If you can’t wait this long, you may be eligible to change your salary packaging payment to a Living Expenses reimbursement so the funds are deposited into your bank account rather than onto your Paywise Card. Ask our team how!

Yes, but not before your plastic card arrives. If you activate a digital card before your plastic card arrives, your plastic card will be auto-cancelled.

If your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel your card via the Paywise Member Portal. This will automatically result in a replacement card being ordered.

Alternatively, you can cancel and replace your card by calling Paywise on 1300 132 532, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should you wish to dispute a transaction, please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 132 532 or email us at

The Paywise Card allows you to access both your Meal Entertainment and Living Expenses benefit funds (if you are packaging both benefits) via a single card. Each transaction is automatically coded to the appropriate benefit as applicable to the transaction vendor.

If a purchase you make on your Paywise card qualifies as a Meal Entertainment benefit purchase (that is the merchant satisfies the Meal Entertainment test as specified by the Australian Tax Office and you have an active Meal Entertainment benefit), the amount of the transaction will be charged to your Meal Entertainment card. If, however you don’t have sufficient funds on your Meal Entertainment card but you do have adequate funds on your Living Expenses and Meal Entertainment cards combined, your Meal Entertainment card will be charged first, up to the amount of your Meal Entertainment card balance. The remaining value of the transaction will be charged to your Living Expenses card.

If you do not have sufficient available funds across both benefits the transaction will decline.

If a purchase you make on your Paywise Card does not qualify as a Meal Entertainment benefit purchase (that is the merchant does not satisfy the Meal Entertainment test as specified by the Australian Tax Office), the amount of the transaction can only be charged to your Living Expenses card, regardless of whether you have an active Meal Entertainment benefit or not. Therefore if you do not have sufficient available funds on your Living Expenses card the transaction will decline.

The fee is deducted from your pre-tax salary annually in line with the anniversary date of the benefit commencing, in addition to your regular deductions.

For your digital Paywise Card, some merchants will require a PIN for payments over a certain threshold. We recommend setting up a PIN just in case. This can easily be done here

Note that the process for setting a PIN is the same as that for changing a PIN, and although the terminology used as you step through this process relates to changing your PIN it will also work for those setting up a PIN for the first time.

Yes, this can easily be done here. You’ll need your 16-digit card number, and you’ll need to have access to the email address registered on your account.

No problem. You can easily change your PIN to a new one. See above ‘Can I change my PIN?’

This material is general information only and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. We recommend you consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) relating to this product before making any decision. Paywise Pty Ltd ABN 97 007 388 696 is involved in the promotion and distribution of the Paywise Card and is a Corporate Authorised Representative of the issuer of the Card, EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131. Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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