Living expenses.

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Salary packaging your living expenses with Paywise

Eligible employees can salary package living expenses up to a capped amount.

With the cost of living increasing, salary packaging your living expenses with Paywise is a clever move for eligible employees.

Living expenses include groceries, bills, clothing, streaming services and much more! Because you’re paying for these expenses with your pre-tax salary, you’re reducing your taxable income and therefore increasing your take-home pay!

You can choose to have your salary deductions reimbursed into your bank account or paid onto your Paywise card*. See more about these options.

*Card fee applies

Who is eligible? 

The Living Expenses benefit is available to employees in some sectors including:  

Is your sector not listed? See if you’re eligible here 

How to submit a claim. 

Submitting a claim is easy with the Paywise App (Android or Apple) or Member Portal. Paywise will reimburse the funds into your nominated bank account.  

To find out more about how to submit a claim, visit our Submitting a Claim page. 

Please note that in order to submit a claim, you will need to have applied for this benefit.  

See if you’re eligible for a Paywise Card 

If you are salary packaging with Paywise, you might be entitled to access our Living Expenses benefit and apply for a Paywise Card* to pay for your living expenses. Using the card means you do not need to submit any claims to Paywise for reimbursement, making it more convenient for you.  

See if you’re eligible for a Paywise Card or fill out the enquiry form below and a Salary Packaging Account Manager will be in touch with you shortly. 

*Card fee applies 

Salary Packaging.

Salary packaging allows you to save thousands in tax each year, by paying for everyday items using pre-tax earnings.