What we offer.

Private organisations can offer Paywise Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits as a means of increasing their employee’s salaries.. This simple way of providing benefits also assists in the employer’s attraction and retention strategies. Paywise offers a comprehensive service that can also be tailored to you as an individual, we help so you can save and enjoy the good things in life.

Why Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging was created to save you money on daily items such as vehicles, portable devices and general day to day living expenses. Paywise has made all of the packaging and benefit items available to simplify what you package by supporting you on a day to day basis. Saving money is key to a relaxed lifestyle so you have the money to do the things you really love.

Items you can salary package.

Novated Lease Vehicles

Conventionally most people buy their cars outright or get a car on finance. With Novated Lease Vehicles you can now pay for your car and save a huge amount of money while including all your running costs, this convenience is literally at your fingertips.


If you work in an industry that allows you to package your mortgage you will be able to enjoy the luxuries of added savings while taking advantage of a fruitful benefit. Packaging your mortgage is simple and easy to do.

Portable Electronic Devices

Airport Lounge


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Thank you for updating my records so quickly and efficiently, I have to say you and your colleagues were very impressive today. People ask me why did I chose Paywise and I always say because of the professionals that work there, going the extra mile when needed, keeping an eye on the ball.  Again thank you all for your help today!