Salary sacrifice for teachers

Are you a teacher in the private education sector? With Paywise’s salary packaging benefits, you can now make your salary go further. Eliglble employees can save on a range of items, from mortgage repayments to cars, to relocation benefits or even rent, by using your pre-tax salary to pay for these common living expenses before your income is taxed. It’s that simple. Want to find out if you’re eligible?

Discover what benefits you can package.

Paywise specialises in Private Education across Australia and is proud to deliver amazing salary packaging and employee benefits.

Eligible employees can pay less tax and increase their take-home pay by salary packaging up to $15,900 per year for living expenses, rent, mortgage repayments and more.

The particular entitlements vary by employer, but typically include a selection of benefits, listed below. Paywise is also a proud sponsor of the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA), Catholic Education Business Administrators (CEBA), Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) and Education Resource Options (ERO).

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Here are just some of our salary packing benefits for eligible employees.

Living Expenses.

Pay for your general living expenses like groceries, bills, clothing and more from your pre-tax salary. And it couldn’t be easier with your Paywise digital card!

Mortgage repayments.

Under this benefit you can pay your mortgage repayments for the property you live in from your pre-tax salary! Payments can be made either directly to your home loan or into your bank account – how easy is that?


We offer a cost-effective and convenient way to finance the purchase and running costs of your car. We negotiate competitive pricing PLUS you’ll pay no GST on the purchase price (not to mention on fuel, servicing, and tyres too!).

Portable electronic devices.

Package your portable electronic devices including mobile phones, laptops, smart watches and tablets. With Paywise you’ll save on the GST off the purchase price along with taking advantage of your taxable savings.

Airport lounge membership.

Enjoy the Airport Lounge Membership for less by using your pre-tax income and our discounted corporate rates.

Airport parking.

If you are a FIFO worker you can salary package the cost of airport parking, giving you a huge saving each year.


Salary packaging your e-bike is easy through Paywise, you’re able to package the cost of an e-bike that you use for work related travel.

Relocation benefits.

Salary package and save on certain costs associated with employer-mandated temporary or permanent relocation.

Remote area benefits.

Salary package up to 50% of your remote total rental costs without incurring FBT. Those with a mortgage in a remote area can package interest costs and access a 50% reduction in FBT.


Salary package fees, books and equipment for education related to your job, including courses at educational institutions, seminars or conferences, self-paced learning or study tours.


Salary package additional superannuation contributions and enjoy tax benefits now and additional super when you retire!

Workplace Giving.

Paywise can work with employers to enable staff to salary package donations to selected charities.

Other deductible benefits.

Expenses you would otherwise be entitled to claim as a once-only tax deduction without incurring FBT, such as income protection insurance, professional subscriptions, financial advice or home office expenses.

Eligible Private Education employees can save thousands by salary sacrificing!

If you work in the Private Education sector, you could save by salary packaging with Paywise. Want to find out exactly what your entitlements are and how much you’ll save when you salary sacrifice? Get in touch with our team today.