Mortgage / Rent payments.

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Get more in your pocket each pay by paying for your mortgage or rent with your pre-tax income.

Eligible employees can save on tax by salary packaging mortgage or rent on the property they live in.

Mortgage repayments.

Salary packaging your mortgage repayments helps you get more in your hand each pay or pay off your home loan faster. Or a bit of both! Payments can be made either directly to your home loan or into your bank account.

We’ll just require a current loan statement and a signed declaration and we’ll make it happen!

Rent payments.

Save on rent by paying for it with pre-tax income through salary packaging. Payments can be made directly to your landlord or into your bank account. We’ll just require your current lease agreement and a signed declaration and to it happen!

Mortgage repayments and rental payments benefits available only for the property you live in.

Mortgage Repayments and Rent Payments are available as benefits to employees in some sectors, charitiespublic health and independent schools. To find out if you’re entitled to this benefit, speak to your Salary Packaging Account Manager or Contact Us.

Salary Packaging.

Salary packaging allows you to save thousands in tax each year, by paying for everyday items using pre-tax earnings.