Salary Packaging.

You can easily update your bank details via our Member Portal. Visit our Update your bank details  to learn how. Please note that bank details cannot currently be updated via our App.

Certain personal details can be changed via the Paywise Member Portal. To update your residential address, email address or payroll details please contact our Customer Experience team on 1300 132 532 or by emailing

You can order your digital card via the Paywise Mobile App. You will need to have an active Living Expenses and/or Meal Entertainment benefit to do this. Otherwise a Paywise Consultant can assist you.

To add your bank account, please login to the Member Portal and add the account there. Visit our Update your bank details to learn how.

Log into the Paywise App or Member Portal and you can check your balance and transactions 24/7.

When you activate your Paywise Card the benefit balance will change to $0.00 as the funds are being moved from the benefit to the card. Once this process has completed you will then see the balance appear on the card. This can take up 24 hours, or longer if your card fee is yet to be paid.

Only the Paywise Mastercard for Living Expenses and Meal Entertainment are supported. You cannot use your Wex Motorpass card with Apple or Google Pay.

The 3 main reasons your Paywise card will decline are:

  1. 1. Incorrect account type selection: Please ensure you select “Credit” (not “Savings” or “Cheque”) the transaction will decline
  2. 2. Ineligible merchant: If the vendor is not an accepted meal entertainment or living expenses merchant under ATO guidelines (for example a Casino) the transaction will decline
  3. 3. Insufficient funds: Make sure you check your balance prior to your purchase.

Lodging your reimbursement claim via the Paywise App or Member Portal is quick and easy and you don’t need to complete any forms. Simply upload your claim documents and follow the steps.

Try lodging your claim via the Member Portal – it is quick and easy and you do not need to complete any forms. Otherwise you can email your completed claim form and documents to

Partial payments are usually due to a Living Expenses reimbursement claim ending. Log into the Member Portal to check your claims and lodge a new claim.  Once a new reimbursement claim has been received your payment will be made within 48 business hours. The other cause may be due to your annual cap of $9,010 or $15,900 being exhausted for the FBT year. If this is the case no further payments will be made until the new FBT year.

The caps show what is available to you as part of your employer’s arrangements with Paywise even if you are not utilising them. For more information, please contact the Customer Experience team to find out more about what entitlements are available to you.

Please contact Paywise on or 1300 132 532 to discuss the establishment of a new benefit.

Yes! If you have a HECS/HELP debt, access government benefits, pay or receive child support, you may still benefit from Salary packaging. It is recommended you seek independent advice and consider increasing your regular HECS/HELP repayments to avoid a debt at tax time.

Salary Packaging is not only for full time employees, if you work casual hours or part time and your employer allows you to participate in salary packaging Paywise is here to help. If you are earning under the tax-free threshold of $18,200 you may no longer be required to pay income tax or the Medicare levy therefore this could affect your ability to salary package and independent financial advice is recommended.

Paywise has negotiated a competitive salary packaging administration fee with your employer. Our fee covers the establishment and maintenance of your account as well as your FBT year end reporting. Additional charged may apply for novated leases, meal entertainment cards and living expenses cards. Please speak with our Member Services Team on 1300 132 532 for further information.

Paywise and your employer highly recommend seeking independent financial advice in relation to the impact salary packaging will have for you. In most cases you can salary package the cost of the financial advice or claim back in your income tax return. Paywise is not licensed to provide you with financial advice.

Capped benefits are those fall within the FBT threshold limit without paying FBT. Your employer determines your eligibility to access capped benefits, for example if you work within the public health sector or for a charity you will likely have access to salary package capped benefits. Eligible employers can access either a $31,177 or $17,667 annual cap for benefits such as mortgage, rent and Living Expenses.

Novated Leasing.

A Paywise Novated Lease is a type of salary packaging benefit which enables your employer to make payments from your salary to cover running costs and the finance for your vehicle. These payments are made at a set agreed rate over the period of your choice (you can choose between 1 & 5 years). The way your benefit is made up is by splitting your payment full payment (which includes all your fuel, maintenance & service, tyres & insurance) between a pre and post-tax salary contribution; this is where the salary packaging happens.

Salary packaging a vehicle with Paywise enables you to receive significant tax savings and discounts. Some of these include reduced purchase price of your vehicle (commonly known as fleet pricing), tax and GST savings on the purchase price of your vehicle and the running costs.

No, a Paywise Novated Lease will benefit most employees who earn a huge range of incomes. Paywise tailor your lease based on your salary, km’s driven, lease term and the car you would like to package, we do it all for you.

No, you do not need to use the vehicle for business related travel with a Paywise lease.

Paywise gives you three simple choices at the end of your lease:

  1. 1. You can pay out the residual (commonly referred to as the balloon) at the end and then own the vehicle.
  2. 2. Keep the existing lease and release it again for another 1 – 5 years.
  3. 3. Sell your vehicle, pay out the residual while saving any of the profit you have made on the vehicle. You can then package another vehicle again.

Paywise will contact you 3 to 6 months prior to the end of your lease to work closely with you to ensure you make the best decision.

You can salary package a vehicle for your immediate family. This means that you can package a car for anyone in the immediate family such as partners or your children.

If you opt to use the Paywise Insurance through our preferred supplier and you need assistance to make a claim click here for assistance.

Fuel card

Visit to learn more about your fuel card and find out where you can use it. We recommend checking before you use your card. Remember to advise Paywise 48 hours prior to large purchases ($800 and above) such as tyres and servicing.

If your transaction exceeds your daily or weekly transaction limit it will decline. Please contact Paywise 48 hours prior to all works that will cost $800 or more, to increase your transaction limit. You can call us on 1300 132 532.