Environmental, Social and Governance.

At Paywise, we understand that success goes beyond financial metrics; it involves a profound responsibility to contribute positively to the world. It is an important part of our makeup to make a meaningful impact on the environment, support underprivileged communities, and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance.

The below showcases some of our efforts to achieve these goals.


Carbon offset through tree planting​.

Paywise conducts a Carbon Offset program through our “Greenfleet promise”. Employees with Novated Leases can choose to support Greenfleet, an initiative that offsets the carbon emissions resulting from their vehicle. As a result, we recently planted over 1,000 trees in Glendalough, Victoria. ​

Greenfleet is a 25-year old, not-for-profit organisation and Australia’s first carbon offset provider. Together with partners like Paywise, it protects our climate by restoring our forests.​

Greenfleet plants native, biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to restore critical ecosystems and capture carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters. Our forests are legally protected, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil and water quality, and provide vital habitat for native wildlife.​

Minimising use of plastic.

At Paywise, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices. One significant step we’ve taken is to minimise the use of plastic.

  • Digital Wallet Solution for Paywise Cardholders. We take pride in offering a digital wallet solution for Paywise Cardholders, effectively eliminating the need for a physical plastic card. Our digital card can be conveniently accessed through Google Pay and Apple Pay, providing a secure and user-friendly tap-and-go payment experience directly from your mobile phone. We’ve also invested in educating our Members on the various benefits associated with digital cards.
  • Sustainable Card Alternatives. For those who prefer a tangible card, we are actively collaborating with our card provider to introduce an eco-friendly solution. Our upcoming card will be made from (non-edible) corn, showcasing our dedication to sustainable materials and practices.
  • Digital Fuel Card for Novated Lease Holders. In our pursuit of reducing environmental impact, we are making strides towards offering a digital fuel card specifically designed for novated lease holders. This initiative not only streamlines processes but also contributes to our overarching goal of fostering environmentally conscious choices.


The Ruben Centre, Nairobi

Paywise has been a member of the 500 Supporters Club for several years, which supports the Ruben Centre, located in Nairobi, Kenya. ​

The Ruben Centre is run by the Christian Brothers African Province and offers a vital source of community development programmes to the residents of one of the largest slums in Nairobi. ​

Over the years, Paywise staff have visited and worked in the Ruben Centre and among the people of Mukuru.​

In addition to providing medical and other care to the people of the Mukuru Slums, Ruben is now playing a pivotal role in distributing food parcels and financial aid.​

The 500 Supporters’ Club’s primary objective has been to support the Ruben Centre by contributing to the funding of its operating costs of more than $1.4 million per annum.​

Via the Edmund Rice Foundation, it is proud to have been Ruben’s cornerstone donor for over 20 years now. Since its establishment, the Group has raised in excess of $8 million for the Ruben Centre.​


  • Highest level of Financial Governance: Paywise holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL number 521956) and works within the high standards imposed by the license requirements, including; Reporting, complaint management, risk assessments, ongoing business viability and financial management. ​We have an external audit conducted annually, with a scope that encompasses security controls and roles demarcation to prohibit fraud.
  • RG146: Paywise has funded a program which has seen our workforce gain RG146 accreditation which ensures qualified and quality financial service education and protection for our Members and clients.​​ RG146  is a mandatory licensing regulation required for anyone who sells financial product advice to clients in Australia. This can include advising clients on anything from superannuation, life insurance and securities through to margin lending and managed investments.​
  • Diversity and Inclusion focused​: As a WGEA certified organisation, Paywise is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. ​We believe that a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds enhances our ability to serve our clients and create a positive work environment for all employees.​

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