A day in the life of a Paywise Member.

Watch how a Paywise member who works in Health or for a Not-For-Profit organisation can save money on items such as dining out, mortgage or rent, purchase and running of their car, everyday living expenses and more.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging is a simple way of using your pre-tax salary to pay for certain expenses before your income is taxed. Enjoy the benefits of paying less tax and accessing more of your income to so you have the money to do the things you really love.

Let’s have a look at how your pay is calculated without salary packaging, and how it’s calculated with Paywise salary packaging set up:

Items you can salary package.

The items you can package depends on your employer, but some of the more common items include:

Novated Lease Vehicles

Conventionally most people buy their cars outright or get a car on finance. With Novated Lease Vehicles you can now pay for your car and save a huge amount of money while including all your running costs, this convenience is literally at your fingertips.


If you work in an industry that allows you to package your mortgage you will be able to enjoy the luxuries of added savings while taking advantage of a fruitful benefit. Packaging your mortgage is simple and easy to do.

Living Expenses

Meals & Entertainment

Rental Payments