Online Claims, simple & easy.

Did you know, if you submit your claim online through the members portal your reimbursement will be paid quicker.

It is simple & easy. Follow the below steps:


1. Login to you Member Portal (click here)



2. Click on the “Hand Icon” next to the benefit you wish to submit your claim for.



3. Complete the mandatory fields below in order to submit your claim:

  • Amount: Total amount of your claim as stated on your tax invoice/bank statement inclusive of GST.
  • GST Amount: As stated on your tax invoice. $0 if no GST is applicable.
  • Category: Applicable only for vehicle benefit claims. Please specify the type of vehicle expense (e.g. fuel, tyres, registration etc)
  • Select Reimbursement Account: Bank account or BPAY details for payment of the claim. BPAY allows for payments to be made directly to suppliers. Please ensure you allow sufficient time before any payment deadlines. To manage your Reimbursement Accounts please see below.
  • Attach Tax Invoice Document/s: Upload your tax invoices/bank statement supporting the claim.
  • Declaration: Read and acknowledge the declaration.



Manage Reimbursement Accounts Details:
For instructions on providing or updating your bank account details for reimbursement claims, please click here.

March 30th, 2020