Paywise Card App.

The Paywise Card App has been created to give Paywise Members a simple and easy to use view of their Living Expense & Meal Entertainment Benefits. This APP is only for Paywise Members who are Paywise Card holders and have one or both of these benefits. You can download the App for Apple & Android devices.

The Paywise Card App has so many great features such as:

  • Live Balances
  • Live Transactions and History
  • Live Offers & Local Discounts
  • Discounted Gift Cards

You can also view and review your general account level details, simply contact Paywise and report lost/stolen cards so that your card is always safe and secure. You will also receive real-time notifications about your transactions to help you manage your spend and take advantage of offers.


There are two types of offers we have included in the program. Local Offers and Discounted Gift Vouchers. Local Offers are provided by merchants and are available when you use your Paywise Card at that location. Local Offers can be seen in the app. A map will provide you with  the specific locations that have offers. Click on the merchant to see the details of their offer. Local Offers are always being added or changed. So check app often! Discounted Gift Vouchers are available from a large range of brands and offer up to 10% discount on the value of the voucher.  When you click on this, you will be taken to our voucher site. Browse and select as many vouchers you wish and provide your Paywise card details to purchase. Once purchased, the voucher will be available in the My ePurchases section of the voucher site and a copy of the voucher will also be emailed to you.

No, you simply need to spend. Even if you do not have the app downloaded you will still gain offers and discounts. These discounts are always applied to your account and will not show up on the merchant terminal or eftpos machines.

Simply use your Paywise Card at the merchant with the offer you want to take advantage of. The merchant will ring through the transaction and the discount will be taken off in our system. There is no need to show or ask the merchant to do anything. Your receipt from the merchant will reflect the entire purchase amount. Your benefit account will reflect the reduced total factoring in the discount.

From the Home Page, select “Offers”. Then select “Local Offers”. From this page you can view all available offers in a list view, with a map displaying where they are in relation to your current location.

Yes, the Paywise Card is a Visa card and will work at any merchant that meets the proper merchant code for the Salary Packaging accounts.

Real-time as of the date and time shown at the top of the app.

There are a few reasons for this. If your account did not have sufficient funds or if you’ve shopped at a merchant ineligible to draw funds from that Salary Packaging benefit, the     purchase would be declined. We will send you a notification at the time letting you know. You can then click the notification to review your account balances.

Your Salary Packaging account balances are all displayed right on the home page, with a total balance below.

From the home screen, select  “View More.” From the More page, select “Card lost or stolen” and then select which card you would like to report as lost or stolen. It will immediately be deactivated.

From the home screen, select “History.”  This is a list of all your transactions made with your Salary Packaging accounts. To view details of each transaction, simply tap your desired transaction.

Meal Entertainment

Living Expenses