Vehicle trade-in.

Effortless and economical!

Our team takes care of the whole process when it’s time to upgrade your vehicle. As well as sourcing the car and financing, we’ll take care of the trade-in! We’ll get you the best price on your car from our Australia-wide network of wholesale partners. Plus, our long-term relationships with manufacturers will help you get the most competitive deal on your new car.

How it works.


Tell us your vehicle’s make, model, year, and odometer reading.


On your behalf, we negotiate the best price from our Australia-wide network.


We’ll find you a new car and arrange your novated lease.


Once your new car’s ready, you drive your current car to one of our many locations.


We swap keys, and you’re off!

If you have an existing novated lease, we’ll pay out that lease.

You might even make a profit depending on the market value and your car’s condition! A consultant can tell you what the difference in take home pay is from your old car to your new car, so your new situation is clear. Talk about making life easy!

To start the process, contact Paywise today.