Department of Transport.

Welcome Department of Transport employees!

Paywise is pleased to offer Department of Transport employees a range of benefits, including Novated Leases (cars), remote area benefits, remote area rent and superannuation. 

Headquartered in Perth’s CBD, we are Western Australia’s largest provider of salary packaging solutions with over 70 employees here in WA. We’re on WA time and understand you! 

Novated leasing is a great way to save on your car. Paywise provides inclusive packages that enable you to pay for your vehicles finance and running costs (fuel/power, insurance, registration, servicing, tyres) with a portion of your pre-tax salary.  

See how much you save with a Novated Lease!

With Novated Leases

We have partnered with our sister company, Fleet Network, to offer an unparalleled service, including:

  • A rapid 4-hour response time on Novated Lease enquiries.
  • Personalised communication – talk to a real person not a call centre.
  • A hassle-free vehicle trade-in service.

Furthermore, we offer an industry-leading mobile app to manage your account and submit claims.

How to join Paywise!

Call Paywise on 1300 132 532

or contact your dedicated Paywise Salary Packaging Regional Manager

Benefits available:


We offer a cost-effective and convenient way to finance the purchase and running costs of your car. We negotiate competitive pricing PLUS you’ll pay no GST on the purchase price (not to mention on fuel, servicing, and tyres too!).

Remote area benefits.

Salary package up to 50% of your remote total rental costs without incurring FBT. Those with a mortgage in a remote area can package interest costs and access a 50% reduction in FBT.

Remote area rent.

If you’re living in an eligible remote area you can salary package up to 50% of your rental costs, meaning you’ll pay less tax! 


Salary package additional superannuation contributions and enjoy tax benefits now and additional super when you retire!