November 2022.

Did you know…?

Exempt – FBT Status

Tech Talk.

Rego claims

Did you know Paywise can pay your registration renewal for you? It is as easy as lodging the payment via our mobile app or Member Portal and using the option for direct payment. Your payment will then be paid within 3 working days pending sufficient funds.

Payments subject to available spendable balance. Payments may not be made if the payment expiration date has lapsed. Please check your registration renewal tax invoice for BPAY payment options. EFT, credit card and cheque payments cannot be made.

Road trip this summer?

If any of your staff are travelling by road this holiday season, they may want to consider updating their Paywise Fuel Card limits. By default, cards have the following limits, but can be increased with at lease one business day’s notice.

To update your card limits, contact Paywise before you head off!

Product Developments.

Fuel Price news page and new Driver Report

We have added a fuel price news page to our website. The page is updated weekly and outlines fuel price movements and forecasts in major cities.

We are updating the monthly ‘Driver Report’ sent to Members with novated leases. The new format will provide members them with their current ‘spendable balance’ and direct them to the member portal or Mobile App for real-time account transaction and balance information. It will also contain links to the fuel prices page and other useful information.


Federal Government’s Electric Vehicles FBT Exemption

We’re all awaiting with bated breath the Government’s Electric Vehicle FBT Exemption legislation, which was due to pass through the Senate late last month. We understand that the legislation has been drafted in line with Labor’s pre-election promise to exempt EVs below the Luxury Car Tax (LCT) threshold from incurring FBT, but has since been broadened to also include plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Although there hasn’t yet been any progress to report on, as soon as the legislation is passed we will work with our tax advisors, Grant Thornton, to establish a framework under which we can provide quotes for EV novated leases.

We’re very confident that the new legislation will offer your employees a highly tax-effective means to own and operate EVs, and we’re excited about playing a part in this watershed moment for our industry.

Tips and Hints.

Year-end staff movements

It’s this time of year, more so than any other time, we see staff movement. If you have any staff either commencing or leaving, please have them touch base with us as soon as possible via this web page and we’ll assist them and you. That’s what we’re here for! Particularly those who might be leaving your organisation, getting the ball rolling early goes a long way. We can have those new starters organised to go from the first pay day in 2023 where applicable.

Payroll! Let us know if you require the Payroll-Deduction-Advices earlier than usual and we’ll organise it for you. If you let us know when they’re required by, via this quick online form, that would help immensely.

Living Expenses Tips

Paywise makes your life easy by supporting you in salary packaging general living expenses such as groceries, bills, clothing and much more. Here are some of our top tips on managing your Living Expenses benefit:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Paywise mobile app to experience quick and easy online claim lodgement. Click here to learn how to claim online.
  • The larger the claim amount, the less frequent you need to lodge claims. There is a common misconception that you can only claim the value of your annual cap ($9,010 or $15,900), however we encourage members to lodge 6 months of statements (or more) that demonstrate their living expenses. This often is greater in value than their annual cap. If a member submits a claim of living expenses to value of $14,000 (for example) and they have an annual cap of $9,010, their claim will allow prompt reimbursements for 18 months.
  • Keep an eye out for our emails asking you for a claim. We will always communicate with you before your claim runs out, so you have plenty of time to send in your next claim.
  • Ignore all of the above and get a Paywise card! You’ll never need to send in another claim again!  Available in digital and in plastic.

Staff Spotlight.

Meet Aaron Venema

Aaron is a Regional Manager at Paywise and responsible for educating employees from our Full FBT employer network about the benefits of salary packaging. In addition, Aaron works closely with our Full FBT employer network to ensure their relationship with Paywise is running smoothly and efficiently.

When did you commence with Paywise?

July 2019

Why did you want to work with Paywise?

I dealt with Paywise regularly in my previous role as Corporate Sales Manager for Audi Centre Perth and enjoyed my dealings with them. When the Regional Manager position at Paywise came up it felt like the right fit and direction to take my career. I haven’t looked back.

What are your hobbies?

Enjoy great food and wine either by dining out or cooking at home. Like going for bushwalks or hikes on weekends. Reading crime and thriller novels. Going to see live music. Recently I’ve become interested in aviation through flight simulation and one day I would love to get my pilot’s licence.

Do you have any pets?

Not yet but my fiancé is very keen to add a little puppy to our household after we get married this month.

If you were to come back to this life as an animal, insect, fish or bird, what would you come back as and why?

With my interest in aviation the ability to fly as a bird would be amazing.

Favourite band and why?

Rival Sons (an American rock band formed in Long Beach, California). They’re a rock’n’roll blues band from the US. I’ve always been into rock’n’roll. Had never heard of these guys but we saw them live in Nashville when on an American road trip in 2018. They played a mesmerising set, and I’ve loved them ever since.

Favourite movie or series and why?

Breaking Bad. Was never a big movie or TV series buff but this series changed all that. Was hooked from the very first episode. Watched it all on DVD (doesn’t seem like that long ago!) and binged the entire last season in one sitting. Currently watching the spin-off, Better Call Saul, which is also amazing but doesn’t quite match Breaking Bad.

Favourite AFL or NRL or Soccer Team (nationally or internationally) and why?

Basketball is my preferred team sport and I follow the Wildcats, of course, being a born and bred Perth boy. Also love watching the NBA. Motorsport is my other main sporting passion – either F1 or Bathurst. I’m a casual observer of the AFL and lean towards the Fremantle Dockers. Perhaps it’s the underdog thing but it would be great to see them win a flag one day.

Member Spotlight.

Megan, took possession of a 2021 Subaru XV Premium and said:

“Just to say how easy you made it for me to do my first novated lease car. It was a pleasure to link with both Paywise and Bunbury Subaru and have all the arrangements organised for a seamless new car pickup.
Good on you!”

Commendation and praise to Eddy and Mekha from the Paywise team who facilitated this Novated Lease.

Jarin, took possession of a Used 2018 Toyota Corolla Hatch and passed on this message:

“Thank you so much for dealing with my multiple (multiple!) queries over the past month. You have helped me so much in finalising my 1st lease and beginning my 2nd lease these past weeks without any complaints and I really appreciate it. The cars/settlements team have both also been very responsive, fast, efficient and pleasant in dealing with my queries and assisting with the process, as have you. Thank you so much for all of your help again!”

Commendation and praise to Janelle and Emillie from Paywise who facilitated this Novated Lease.

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