End of FBT Year – Novated leases.

If you have a novated lease with Paywise, here’s some information that might be useful at the end of the FBT Year (31 March).

Days Unavailable.

If your novated lease vehicle was unavailable during the FBT year to drive (eg due to mechanical or body repairs or failure) for more than two consecutive days, you may be entitled to claim days unavailable to reduce your FBT obligation. The declaration required can be accessed here and must be received by Paywise by 6 April. 

FBT Reports.

Your FBT report will be available online in the Paywise Member Portal from 8 April. We encourage you to check the report. In the unlikely event that you believe any of the information in the report is incorrect, please advise Paywise immediately (by no later than 12 April). 

Odometer reading.

There is no longer a requirement to provide Paywise with an odometer reading at the end of the FBT Year. 

Excess budget in your novated lease account?

Buy yourself something nice!

If you have a significant amount of excess budget in your novated lease account that you are confident will not be required for any vehicle expenses such as registration, servicing or tyres, you may be able to put it towards a portable electronic device that you use for workExamples could include mobile phones, smart watches, laptop computers or tablets! To find out if you’re eligible, speak to your Employee Benefits Consultant. 

For FBT Year information relating to other Salary Packaging benefits, please see our FBT Year page.