WA Health Service.

Welcome WA Health Service Employees.

Paywise is the local salary packaging provider for WA Health and work with all major hospitals around Western Australia. We can help you save thousands! Paywise provides WA Health employees with an opportunity to pay for everyday items and expenses with their pre-tax salary, essentially increasing your disposable income and saving you thousands each year.

Whether you are full time, part time, casual or on contract, you can take advantage of the generous allowances provided to you by WA Health.

Please note: Employees of Mental Health Commission (MHC) are only able to package superannuation and novated leases.

Over 60% of WA Health employees are already salary packaging. Why not join them?

What is salary packaging?

Paywise offers employees of WA Health competitive membership fees:

Paywise member rate: $7.69 per fortnight

WA Health Employees can Salary Package the following benefits:

  1. 1. Salary Packaging $9,010 out of your salary per year to either:
    • Mortgage;
    • Rent
    • Living Expenses (either by reimbursement or using the Paywise Card)
  1. 2. An additional $2,650 per year on Meal Entertainment
    • using the Paywise Card
  2. 3. On top of all that you can also Salary Package your Vehicle.

A day in the life of a Paywise Member!

Paywise also offers these additional benefits to WA Health Employees

  • Additional Superannuation Contributions
  • Airport Lounge Membership
  • Disability/Income Protection Insurance
  • E-bike
  • Financial Advice
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Investment Loan Interest
  • Portable Electronic Devices
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Professional Membership Fees/Subscriptions
  • Relocation Expenses
  • Remote Area Housing
  • Remote Area Utilities
  • Self Education Expenses
  • Term Life Insurance Through Super
  • Trade/Professional Journal Subscriptions
  • Work Related Travel

Items you can salary package.

Living Expenses

Living Expenses.

Meal Entertainment


Mortgage Repayments

Mortgage repayments.

Electronic devices

Portable electronic devices.

Moving between WA Health entities

If you have recently moved or are soon to be moving between different WA Health employers (for example, moving from North Metro to South Metro), we will need to transfer your salary packaging arrangements to your new employer, with your new employee number. To enable your salary packaging to continue uninterrupted, please complete our transfer checklist and email it to newmembers@paywise.com.au at your earliest convenience.

We have a local Employee Benefits Consultant that can assist you with Salary Packaging.

Grant Huisman.

If you work for North Metro, Health Support Services, Pathwest, WA Country Health Service – Head Office, Southwest or Great Southern click to contact Grant Huisman below.

Judi Gardner.

If you work for South Metro, Pathwest or Child and Adolescent health service, click to contact Judi Gardner below.

Sherri Smith.

If you work for East Metro, Pathwest, WA Country Health Service – Goldfields, Wheatbelt, Pilbara, Kimberley or Midwest click to contact Sherri Smith below.

Looking at Salary Packaging your Vehicle?

If you are interested in salary packaging your vehicle please complete the below form or request a quote.


    If you are interested in receiving a call about how you can save salary packaging enquire here. Feel free to be as detailed as possible and a Paywise representative will get in touch with you.