Supporting WA Health Employees.

We’re here to help.

With concerns about the use of Public Transport and now the recently announced changes regarding reduced availability, we’re here to help. Our team is working from home and have changed our processes to assist WA Health employees during an unprecedented period.

We applaud more than ever; the incredible work being done by WA Health workers right now. We want to offer our immense thanks for your resolve and compassion in what must be a deeply difficult situation. Please let us know any other ways we might be able to help people like you who are helping others.

We’ve asked ourselves. How can we assist WA Health workers who are under more pressure than ever to keep us all as healthy as possible?

One thing we can do is make it easier to contact us to keep on top of and maximise, your salary packaging benefits.

WA Health workers can call, email, live chat, online claims, or live video-chat – just get in touch and we can do the rest!

How we can help.

As a partner of WA Health, here’s a few things that Salary Packaging with Paywise is offering you and your immediate family.

You can access all the discounts on fuel, insurance, servicing and registration savings by salary packaging your existing vehicle (5 years or younger).

Looking to upgrade? You can have a new car, with fleet discounts applied, delivered to your doorstep with no lease repayments required until June 2020.

We appreciate your time is more precious than ever, setup requires minimal paperwork and phone calls.

Monthly Novated Lease Specials.


YB MY21 S Hatchback
5dr Auto 6sp 1 .4i


MY21 VTi Hatchback
5dr CVT 1 sp l .8i


TL4 MY21 Active Wagon
5dr Auto 6sp 2WD 2.0i


GDJ150R GXL Wagon
7s15dr Man 6sp 4×4 2.8DT

Packaged price inclusions.







Easy, convenient & incredible savings.

*Based on Packaging this vehicle via a Novated Lease over 5 years travelling 15,000km per year with a taxable salary of $80,000 per annum.