Lismore City Council.

Welcome Lismore City Council employees!

Paywise is pleased to offer Lismore City Council employees a range of benefits, including Novated Leasing (cars), Relocation Expenses, Living Away From Home Allowance and many more!

Benefits available:

Novated leasing is a great way to save on your car. Paywise provides inclusive packages that enable you to pay for your vehicles finance and running costs (fuel/power, insurance, registration, servicing, tyres) with a portion of your pre-tax salary. 

For Novated Leases, we’re partnered with our sister company, beCarWise, to provide the best possible experience to Lismore City Council employees. beCarWise is proudly the preferred Novated Leasing Partner of Lismore City Council and its team of novated leasing specialists will be pleased to be able to help you take advantage of the significant savings available on either your current or next car.

See how much you save with a Novated Lease!

LAFHA benefits.

  • LAFHA is a payment of money made by an employer to an employee who is required to temporarily relocate in order to perform employment duties.​
  • To classify for LAFHA, the employee must have a usual place of residence that is available for use at all times. The employee must also intend on returning to their usual place of residence at the completion of the temporary assignment.
  • Must be for a minimum of 21 days and can claim LAFHA for the first 12 month period.
  • Benefits that can be packaged free of FBT:
    • Total rent costs for accommodation for the duration of the LAFHA benefit.
    • A fixed dollar figure for food intended to help pay for groceries. The figure is based upon the size of the family and must be deemed as reasonable.
    • The exempt food component is the portion of the LAFHA assigned to additional food costs over and above the food costs you would normally incur if you were not living-away-from-home. The FBTAA has set an amount of $42 per week for adults and $21 per week for children (less than 12 years old at beginning of FBT year) as normal food cost​.

Relocation benefits.

  • Employees can salary sacrifice certain costs associated with temporary or permanent relocation from their place of residence where their employer requires them to relocate in order to perform employment duties.​
  • Salary sacrificing these benefits can lead to significant tax savings as they are eligible for exemptions from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).​​
  • Eligible items:​​
    • Employment Interview Costs​
    • Relocation consultant costs​
    • Home purchase costs​
    • Relocation transport​
    • Removal and storage of household effects​
    • Home sale costs​
    • Connection of utilities​​
    • Leasing of household goods​​
    • Temporary accommodation​

Airport lounge membership.

Enjoy the Airport Lounge Membership for less by using your pre-tax income and our discounted corporate rates.


Salary packaging your e-bike is easy through Paywise, you’re able to package the cost of an e-bike that you use for work related travel.


Salary package additional superannuation contributions and enjoy tax benefits now and additional super when you retire!

Portable electronic devices.

Package your portable electronic devices including mobile phones, laptops, smart watches and tablets. With Paywise you’ll save on the GST off the purchase price along with taking advantage of your taxable savings.


Salary package fees, books and equipment for education related to your job, including courses at educational institutions, seminars or conferences, self-paced learning or study tours.

Professional membership fees / subscriptions​.

You can salary package membership fees and subscriptions to professional associations which are directly related to your work.

Financial advice (relating to salary packaging)​.

Paywise, alongside your employer, highly recommends independent financial advice to ensure that your Paywise salary package is suitable for you. Your employer enables you to salary package the cost of advice relating to your salary packaging.

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